There is an amount of uncertainty and scare-mongering going on as we get closer to Halloween, sorry Brexit (just as frightening). We asked Catherine at MPI to clear up a few niggling questions for

How would a no-deal Brexit affect me if I were to have an accident this year whilst skiing?

You will still have to go to the clinic/doctors or hospital in that country, as you are injured. We don’t know if the EHIC will be in place or not, however, If you have a Ski insurance policy MPI’s would provide cover at this time, we can’t answer for others, but assume that would also be the case.

Would they treat me?

They shouldn’t be able to refuse to treat you, however, they would probably make you pay if you don’t have a wintersports insurance and the EHIC isn’t valid.

Would I still be repatriated?

Repatriation is not paid for through an EHIC, only through Travel/Wintersports Insurance so if it is medically necessary to be repatriated that would happen through the travel insurance.

I’m about to do a season – how will a no-deal Brexit affect my employment and what insurance can I take out to protect myself?

There might be issues with some employers being able to insure their staff working overseas if on a foreign contract through a foreign subsidiary, however they can through MPI’s overseas resort staff scheme or the staff can purchase an MPI  seasonaire policy directly for themselves.

Should I wait until after 31 October to book a ski holiday and take out insurance as Brexit can affect the validity of policies?

Brexit shouldn’t invalidate a policy purchased before 31 October 2019, however there is no cover for any issues with the booked holiday due to Brexit.

Make sure you are fully covered for this Winter.