So, the MadDogSki survey results are in! We’ve been through the lot, counted them meticulously, and drawn up (well… downloaded) the graphs. Here they are, along with a few of our favourite answers.

Skiers vs. snowboarders

Skiers won by a long shot here, but then that’s hardly surprising given the name of our website. Snowboarders gave a good fight though. Here are a few of our favourite justifications.

Skiers to win…

Their clothes aren’t so baggy to restrict the throw.

Greater brain-power and superior physique.

They would win on numbers (more skiers on the slopes), and experience (tend to be older, but not too old!).

We hate snowboarders more than they hate us! 😉

The counter argument…

Snowboarders have more passion and are higher risk takers.

They’re more cheeky.

Because we have our hands free (no ski poles) and a bigger surface to hide behind.


Austria vs. France

Austria has the upper hand here, because…

Cheaper beer

Love the friendliness (and the Lederhosen :-))

The French are so polite they would warn you before throwing.

Because they can yodel! (Brilliant, this has to be our favourite answer)

It’s all in the lederhosen…

And the counter argument…

More ooh la la (or va, va voom, perhaps?)

Have you seen the French in a lift queue?! They definitely don’t play by the rules.


Gluhwein vs. Jagermeister

Gluhwein wins the day, because…

Less falling over and warmer.

Classic over upstart.

Much smoother.

However, the counter argument is strong…

Jäger is the ninja of drinks!

Hard hitting flavour.

Jagermeister, because you can throw more snowballs while someone is still drinking their Gluhwein.

Pain inflicting spirit!


Plane vs. train

Flying came way out in front here, which is a shame because the train can be great. Here are some of the arguments for the plane…

Easy, more leg room.

Like to see a train drop a salvo of snowballs from 20000 feet…

Reaches far higher.

And the counter (full marks on creativity)…

More time taken to make a decent snowball and aim well, not just doing it all as quickly as you can.


One more drink vs. first lifts

First lifts had a clear majority here…


To get the best snow for snowballs.

Element of surprise, snowball is made and ready to throw before the world rises.

Always first lifts, and no friends on a powder day! (Rahhh!)

And a counter with a twist…

You can have 10 more drinks after skiing!

(Note: all stereotypes and undertones of aggression are meant purely in the spirit of fun and jest, we actually think it would be a draw on all counts, followed by group hugs and hot chocolate all round).