The team

The number 13 might be unlucky for some but for us season 13 has been a great success, flying by in a gust of sunshine, snow and smiles! 

We cannot believe it is that time again to say goodbye to our final guests, deep clean the chalets and throw our mega thank you party for all our team and suppliers, famously known as ‘FishStock’. Following this we will wave off our incredible chalet teams until November.

Let us reflect on the past 18 weeks of winter…

  • We have run 13 chalets of which 7 are catered and 6 are self-catered. 
  • 1,980 guests have walked through our doors
  • 1,512 meals have been served
  • 13,608 eggs have been cooked or baked
  • There has been 247 chalet changeovers
  • 3,348 bedrooms have been cleaned 
  • 3,564 toilets have been scrubbed
  • 835 bottles of fizz have been popped
  • Over 1,500 croissants and pain au chocolates eaten 
  • Our team have hit aprés an average of 21 times each
  • Our team have ridden the golf buggy an average of 108 times each
  • 1 new chalet was added to our collection – Marmotte
  • 1 chalet underwent a total refurb – Baïta
  • 1 new website
  • 1 big launch – Fish&Pips in the sun
  • 5 boutique hotels in the Alps have been partnered with 


  • 2 full-time team members have been added 
  • Over 200 feedback forms completed
  • An average score of 5/5 for chefs, hosts, managers and the overall Fish&Pips experience given 

Whilst you might think that it is time for a little break, in reality preparation for next winter is already well underway… 

Nearly half of our catered chalets are already booked, recruitment is commencing, chalet contracts are signed, Brexit proofing continues and our product offering is ever evolving.

Fish&Pips newest chalet Marmotte

Next year we see the beautiful catered chalet Du Vallon become part of our portfolio, we are adding a serviced chalet product for those that want a midway option between catered and self-catered and we have opened up chalets Tourterelle and Arbe as self-catered to allow guests to have greater holiday flexibility.

We love what we do and cannot wait for next winter already. Bring on beautiful mountain top lunches, the general elation one experiences when skiing, ski boot dancing at aprés and another season of consuming far too much cheese!

So hopefully we’ll see you next winter. But for now, that’s a wrap…