It is a proven scientific fact that you get a ‘happiness boost’ from planning and anticipating a holiday. Happiness also leads to greater productivity in the work place, thus benefiting employers as well as employees – everyone’s a winner!

Once more, past studies into happiness levels suggest that people may well get more out of several small trips a year, rather than one big break.

When you are happy your body produces more serotonin. Skiing and setting yourself challenges, whether it’s perfecting your turns, learning to ride moguls or conquering the off-piste, enables you at the end of the day to say “I did it!”. This in turn produces a ‘feedback-loop’ that builds self-esteem and creates an upward spiral of more and more serotonin, thus making you even happier.

Happiness is… friends on a chair lift.

“By booking several short breaks instead of one big holiday, logically you increase your anticipation levels and therefore increase your happiness levels,” said Dan Fox of short break specialists “We have many return customers, and some take up to five holidays a season with us.

“The French call it a ‘Bonne Fatigue’, that feeling you have at the end of the day after you’ve been on the slopes… You have exercised, you have conquered the slopes and you have returned to the chalet to indulge in an après ski treat. It’s bound to make you feel happy”.

The logic is sound, and we couldn’t agree more. Getting a regular fix of mountain fresh air, activity, and hopefully sunshine, is bound to make you feel better.

If you’d like to boost your happiness levels and plan a few weekend trips away, we recommend checking out

Note: Our happiness facts have been taken from the study of Applied Research in Quality of Life and The Neurochemicals of Happiness.