Going skiing? There’s so much more to think about when packing and planning for a ski holiday than, say, a beach trip or a city break. You don’t want to waste precious mountain time troubled by the dreaded helmet hair or numb fingers. That’s why we’ve asked this crew of ski goddesses for their best tips on styling it out in the mountains.

Chemmy ski tipsClean lines and lip zinc

You spend time and money buying the right ski suit to match your style. So, the last thing you want to do is stuff the pockets full of bits and bobs and not show it off at its best. With that in mind a super fine beanie is a must-have for me and means I can whip it out for lunch or après ski without having to deal with helmet hair.

Clearly sunscreen and lip protection are a must. Apply in the morning before any make up and make sure you re-apply throughout the day. Neon lip zinc is great fun. I particularly love the bright pink and blue. There aren’t too many places you can get away with neon lips, but on the slopes and après ski is definitely one of them – make the most of it!

Chemmy Alcott – Britain’s greatest female skier & Ski Sunday presenter, and mother of two.


Grow a beard… ?

Skiing as a lady? Lack of beard! It’s the only time that I think facial hair would be handy. A beard would help protect against wind chill, jacket rub, frost nip and offer added sun protection. As I don’t have one I always remember to use a thick sun cream to protect against UV and that ravaging wind burn! A neck gaiter/buff is also handy.

Also, I never ski in rings, your hands constrict in the cold and it can be so easy to lose a wedding ring when pulling your gloves on and off. Sparkly diamonds are not easy to find in glittering snow.

Not to sound too vain, but remember your beanie and sunnies for terrace lunch breaks, not cool sitting in your goggles eating fondue. Plus if you are heading straight to après a mini-can of Batiste can do wonders for sweaty helmet hair – rejuvenating that bounce.

Caroline Murray – Verbier based mum and property guru. Married to Toby from Performance Verbier.


Ski tips for girlsSnacking is good…

I never forget waterproof mascara, specialist lip balm for cold temperatures as well as plenty of moisturiser as skin gets dry very quickly in the mountains. I’ve got long hair, so to avoid ‘helmet hair’ I always have a few hair ties and a beanie hat in my luggage.

Carrying a second pair of thin gloves is always a good idea for extra protection – especially if temperatures are double digit in the minus. If the trip is to high altitude resorts, I always take vitamin C tablets to help my body fight off all kinds of illnesses. Last but not least, I’ll take a sugary snack in my ski jacket pocket to keep my energy levels high wherever I am on the mountain.

Ellie Eyles, Marketing, Crystal Ski Holidays


No complaining and certainly no G-strings

ski tips for girlsIf you have long hair, avoid jackets with Velcro at the top. Hair gets stuck and you have to rip it off – so irritating. In fact braid your hair or tie it back under your beanie/helmet, or else you will have an 80s back comb. Wear comfortable knickers. There’s nothing worse than them slipping where the sun don’t shine when you are trying to concentrate on skiing. Avoid G-strings at all costs!

Carry tissues or else you will have to find somewhere else to wipe your nose…  And don’t forget to re-apply sun protection on said nose afterwards! If you are going to wear mascara, make sure it’s waterproof; otherwise you’ll have panda eyes. Imagine how that will look with goggle marks as well.  Brigitte Jones springs to mind.

Finally, avoid complaining – the cold, the snow, your boots, the weather…  You will only make your own day worse.  Enjoy it and be enjoyable to be with and you will have a fantastic time. Oh, and take plenty of pictures. It will be great to look back on your ski skills one day.

Melody Sky – Photographer/Film maker Verbier

www.melodysky.com | www.timelinemissions.com


Ski tips for girls Layering is key (plus a bobble)

Packing for a ski holiday is all about layers for me. I’m quite small so I can pack a lot in to a small space. Hand luggage only – no problem with ski boots inside my little case – plus a whole raft of small layers. For spring skiing I would pack a vest top (handy for sunbathing), long sleeve top and gilet, all in merino wool, then a slim fit padded jacket with a thin gortex jacket over the top. Swap out the padded jacket for a gilet layer instead if it’s warm.

Layer up at night in the same way, vest top and thin jumper so you don’t roast in the bar, then a puffa coat for a toasty walk home. My white bobble hat usually tops the après outfit!

Vanessa Fisher – Ski PR and Maddogski blogger


ski tips for girlsCharge up your gloves

Hands down my favourite piece of kit for the slopes are my Thermic heated gloves – I treated myself to a pair from Ellis Brigham last year and oh the joys of having warm hands.  I’ve suffered for years with numb fingers so have always made sure I’ve had a supply of hand warmers in my pockets. They’re certainly the cheaper option, but then you’ve got the cold bags to dispose of and I can’t imagine they’re particularly biodegradable.

Now, all I have to do is plug my gloves in to charge them up and they keep my hands toasty all day long. I’ve even been known to slip my toes into them during a lunch stop! Away from the slopes I wear them walking my dog in the winter or watching my sons play sport.

Katy Turner – Spike Communications


Hydration, hydration, hydration

Don’t scrimp on socks – wear a new pair each day, or they will rub. Phones should be kept in a warm pocket, or they turn themselves off in the cold. If there is a logo on your hat/beanie it should be worn offset. And please, no gap between your goggles and helmet/hat!

Remember, alcohol effects you far more at altitude than at sea level, so have fun but be careful. Ditch the skis/boards before you drink, and put away about twice as much water as you normally do. Also, invest in good quality moisturisers for hands, face and lips – the mountain elements dehydrate your skin too.

A quick dab here and there of mini mascara, mini cover up stick/foundation and hair oil can make you look human after a day on the slopes. And finally, a smile can get you out of a lot of trouble!

Once it’s all over put your boots and helmets into the airing cupboard to dry thoroughly before packing them away for the next time. Putting silica gel packets into boots and helmets, stops smells and cold boots too.

Fiona  Best-  Owner MadDogSki