Those lucky enough to have been in the mountains over May bank holiday weekend had an amazing Bluebird powder day on the very last day of the season! Some resorts that were shut even opened again to let those lucky people make the most of the unseasonably late dump.

Verbier on closing weekend. Photo: Pierre Ferrez

However, for most of us the season is now well and truly over, and sadly it’s time to pack away all our ski paraphernalia for a good few months.

To make sure your kit is ready to go again as soon as the snow returns here are a few tips:

What’s best for boots?

To ensure your boots are in peak shape for next season, before you pack them away pull out the liner and remove the footbed from within. Allow the boot, the liner and insole to dry thoroughly. You could pop them in an airing cupboard, or let them live by a bathroom radiator for a week, so that they thoroughly dry out.

Once dry put them back together and add a dash of talcum if you need to give them some freshness. If you happen to have any of those silicon sachets that come with electrical items lying around, then pop them in to absorb any remaining moisture too.

Ski packing


Always store your boots with the clips done up away from too much heat, damp and cold. This way the shell retains its shape over the summer. It’s best to keep them off the floor in a cool, dry place.

How to handle your Skis

It is wise to give your skis an end of season service to pick up on any issues and avoid delays next season. If you’d prefer to leave this to the experts then Ellis Brigham can do it for you. They’ll work on the bottoms and the edges of your skis, exfoliating, hot waxing and more – protecting them through the winter months and making sure they glide smoothly into next season. Take a look at the Ellis Brigham Workshop for their full range of services.

If you’d rather do it yourself make sure you give the bottoms of the skis a good wipe down and take all the dirt off them. You may want to rub some wax or oil over the edges to stop them rusting and oxidising whilst in storage.

It is also wise to reduce the tension on your bindings so that they are not under strain throughout the summer months.

And finally, slip an old sock over the end of each ski to stop them rubbing together and tie them together with an elastic band to stop them sliding.

Your skiing wardrobe

Your ski trousers are the one item you will more than likely need to wash, so make sure you use the appropriate solution in your machine. The Nix-Wax products are available from Ellis Brigham, Cotswold Camping, Go Outdoors, Decathlon and Snow+Rock.

Jackets and gloves should be thoroughly dried out and packed away somewhere warm and dry, and goggles kept in their scratch proof case.

If you have lots of merino wool in your wardrobe, make sure its safely packed away from the moths. They do love a bit of Merino…

Sort it out…

Have a sort out. What did you use this season, what can be passed on for next season, and what, if anything, needs servicing or replacing?

ski packing

Look forward to next season…

Keep an eye out for early booking offers, for example Easyjet already have flights for the start of next winter on sale.

And finally, stay active! Get out on your bike, walk lots and throw in a few squats to keep those legs toned and ready for next season.