Ah, the open road… Everybody loves a good road trip, don’t they? That sense of adventure and discovery to be had when you drive off under your own steam, stopping where and when you feel like it and taking whatever time you like. Especially so when you do it in a country with as much wow-inducing natural beauty as Switzerland.

Showcasing the wealth of sights and experiences to be enjoyed, Switzerland Tourism has put together a new self-drive (or motorcycle) route, covering around 1000 scenic miles around their very lovely country. The route sticks to quiet roads, avoiding motorways wherever possible and taking in all of the major sights, from lakes and mountain passes, to towns and historical villages.

The route has been dubbed ‘The Grand Tour of Switzerland’, and the name certainly isn’t overstating matters. Passing through all four language regions of the country and eleven UNESCO world heritage sites – anyone hitting the road could find they make very slow progress, stopping to take in sight after incredible sight.

There are recommended stops and hotels outlined on the website and a new map as been drawn up by Swiss cartographers Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey to guide you through. For more information and a virtual tour, visit MySwitzerland.com/grandtour

If you prefer sitting back and taking in the views by train, then the grand tour can also be enjoyed on Switzerland’s railway network. For more information on this new itinerary, taking in 750 miles of the country’s best panoramic views (and there are many), visit the Swiss travel system website.