Dentist – Wengen

Wengen, Switzerland

There is no local dentist in the resort and appointments are run on a rota system with the local dentists in the area. If you need an emergency dentist, ask your hotel receptionist, or at the local tourist information centre. The medical centre may also be able to help as a last resort.

Doctors – Wengen

+41 33 856 28 28
Wengen, Switzerland

The doctor's surgery is located towards the back of the resort. They have all the equipment needed for ski related accidents and a local phamacy also for collecting prescriptions. For the doctor, it is useful to get your hotel or residence to phone in advance to make an appointment, or you can just turn up and wait your turn.

Hospital – Interlaken

+41 33 826 26 26
Wengen, Switzerland

The local Hospital is situated down in Interlaken, just 40mins away by train - at the bottom of the mountain. They deal with more major injuries and medical emergencies Tel: +41 33 826 26 26

Pharmacy/Chemist – Wengen

+41 33 855 12 46
Wengen, Switzerland

The Pharmacy is located at the end of the main street on the left hand side. They have excellent English and can help you with finding the right over the counter drugs and medicines.