Guest Services

Good choice for children

Sunshine Village, Banff, Canada

As many people stay in Banff rather than the resort there are lockers, washroom facilities and a picnic/meeting area at the base of resort, on the second floor of the new Creekside building. Very handy so you don't need to keep hauling your gear up the mountain every day. Lockers are available on a daily, weekly or even seasonal basis.

Ski & Snowboard lockers

Good choice for children

Sunshine Village, Banff, Canada

There ae several locations in the Village for hiring a locker to store your ski gear in - Trappers, Day Lodge, Rental services and Skier Services. These are not overnight lockers.

Ski Hub

+1 403 762 4754
119 Banff Ave, Banff AB

This is a lovely shop in Banff where you can pick up all the latest ski/boarding gear.They also have a rental service. Open 8am - 9pm daily    

Soul Ski & Bike

+1 403 760 1650
203A Bear Street, Banff, AB, Canada

This equipment hire shop in Banff promise that your skis and boards will be new and finely tuned when you come to collect them. They are flexible with the rental so if the conditions change or you fancy trying something new during your stay, they will swap.