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Getting to St Anton couldn’t be easier with plenty of transport links and airlines to get you there. Based in the Austrian Alps, you can be at the resort in an hour from neighbouring airports, making it a great destination for families and short breaks. St Anton is accessible from four airports and as the resort is blessed with a train station bang in the centre, you won’t be compelled to hire a car but can simply hop on the train for a transfer (almost) direct to your accommodation. Innsbruck is the closest airport to the resort at just an hour by road or train, and Easyjet are now operating flights there from London, making it more accessible to skiers. Friedrichshafen is serviced by Ryanair (cheap but watch those baggage surcharges!). Finally, Zurich, although furthest away, is still accessible as the train transfer is a reasonable 3 hours (with only one change if you’re clever about it!).  Finally, although not an obvious choice, Munich is around a three hour drive away.


There are bus transfers to St Anton for those who prefer not to bother with train timetables. The Arlberg Express runs a shuttle service between Zurich airport and St Anton with prices from €45 one-way. Loacker Tours offers a weekend shuttle to the Arlberg from Friedrichshafen. Their buses are conveniently timed to coincide with Ryanair flights and prices start from €30 one-way.

  • Innsbruck to St Anton 106km, transfer time around 1hr
  • Friedrichshafen to St Anton 130km, transfer time around 15hrs
  • Zurich to St Anton 200km, transfer time around 2.5hrs
  • Munich to St Anton 227km, transfer time around 3hrs


St Anton is a very compact resort and so there is little need for a car once you arrive unless you’re staying in one of the less central villages. If you decide to drive all the way though you should expect a journey time of at least 10 hours from the French channel ports.  If you are planning a trip over to nearby Zurs a taxi will cost you around 50 euros.