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As a small alpine village Sainte Foy doesn’t have anywhere near the variety of bars and restaurants offered by its more famous neighbours. As could be expected most menus are dominated by hearty mountain food. La Bergerie is a popular evening option with reasonable prices. Similarily La Maison a Colonnes is a safe bet with delicious traditional dishes and 17th century farmhouse ambience. Due to the limited number of restaurants in resort you are well advised to book ahead, but if you need more variety the town of Bourg St Maurice is just a 20 minute drive.


On the mountain there are some excellent lunch stops with not a grotty self-service restaurant in sight! At the top of the first chairlift the Restaurant Les Brevettes is accessible by pedestrians and can be a good spot to meet non-skiers. The best apres ski bars are the Pitchouli Bar with regular live bands and the Iceberg Piano Bar with karaoke nights.