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Saas-Fee sits amongst Switzerland’s highest peaks not far from the Italian border and just 35km from the famous Swiss ski resort of Zermatt. As well as phenomenal winter skiing there is also the option for summer skiing in Saas-Fee on the beautiful Allalin Glacier.

Flying to Saas-Fee

Most flights from the UK fly to Geneva or Zurich, and these are the most popular options. Geneva and Zurich are around 225km from the resort. Milan, Basel and Bern are also fairly close.

  • Geneva to Saas-Fee 225km, transfer time around 3hrs
  • Milan to Saas-Fee 200km, transfer time just over 3.5hrs
  • Bern to Saas-Fee 229km, transfer time around 2.75hrs
  • Zurich to Saas-Fee 226km, transfer time around 3.5hrs
  • Basel to Saas-Fee 324km, transfer time just over 3.5hrs

Airport transfers to Saas-Fee

The transfer time from Geneva is three hours by road (slightly more by train) and closer to four hours from Zurich (three hours by train).

Driving to Saas-Fee

If you are considering driving all the way you should allow around 10 hours from Calais (3 hours from Geneva) and be prepared to put your car on a car-train to transport it through the Lotschberg Tunnel. Saas-Fee is car-free, so you will have to pay to leave your car outside of the village and transfer your luggage either via electric taxi or handcart.

Taking the train to Saas-Fee

Although there isn’t a station in Saas-Fee, the train is a pleasant and environmentally friendly way to travel. Trains from London to Geneva (change in Paris) take around nine hours. Take the train to Brig or Visp and change to a post bus with the direct destination “Saas-Fee”. There are 2 connections per hour until 10.40pm from Visp.