MadDogSki Favourite

+1 250 837 2467 ‎
Kawakubo Japanese Restaurant, 109 1 Street East, Revelstoke, BC

This is a lovely new Japenese restaurant in Revelstoke, veyr popular with visitors. Many claim this is the best of the many Japenese/Chinese restaurants in the town.  

Rockford Wok Bar and Grill

+1 250 837 7160
Rockford Grill, 1220 – 2950 Camozzi Rd, Revelstoke BC, V0E 2S1

A wonderful restaurant in Revelstoke, very friendly and welcoming staff. The menu is a great mix of simple but excellent dishes, from shared plates and wok dishes. There are booths or more casual larger tables, ideal for families or big groups to enjoy the food and soak up the atmosphere.  

Woolsey Creek Bistro

+1 250 837 5500
Woolsey Crek Bistro, 604 Second Street West, PO Box 3168, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

A lovely little bistro in Revelstoke where you are sure to get a warm welcome. The menu is varied and they try to use organic and locally produced food, not only for the flavours but to try to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.