Back to Merano 2000

Getting to Merano 2000 is relatively simple with flights into Innsbruck or Verona being just 150km away, although you can also fly into Milan, Salzburg or even Munich with a transfer of between 300-350 km.

Transfer from the airport can be done by train from either Innsbruck or Verona to Bolzano and onto Merano, with a short bus ride to resort. Alternatively you can hire a car for the transfer or use a transfer company. The drive is mainly on highways and the resort is well sign posted so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it. Merano is the closest train station to the resort with a short bus journey from the station, and costing just €2.

  • Innsbruck to Merano 2000 110km, transfer time around 1.5hrs
  • Verona to Merano 2000 150km, transfer time around 2hrs
  • Milan to Merano 2000 320km, transfer time around 3hrs