La Carnotzet

+33 4 50 79 76 09
La Carnotzet, Rue du vieux village 74260 Les Gets, France

This is a pretty and friendly restaurant set in a traditional stone building which offers a surprisingly large menu, offering the traditional Savoyard dishes and grilled meats, as well as specialities from Alsace such as a pork and beef stew. Weather permitting you can sit outside, open for lunch.    

La Case K2


+33 4 50 79 78 09
155 Rue du Centre, Les Gets, France

A small and quaint restaurant/snack bar/takeaway in Les Gets, all rolled into one. Open throughout the day and evening with a simple menu at reasonable prices. Specialities are their bison burgers and the range of Breton crepes.  

La R’Mize

+33 4 50 79 75 57
La R'Mize, Rue du Vieux Village 74260 LES GETS

Le R’Mize is hidden away from the main shopping street, and boasts a more varied menu than the majority of the resort’s other restaurants, perfect for couples or groups. A special set menu is available for New Year’s Eve, and reservations are recommended for peak weeks.  

la Taniere

+33 4 50 79 87 08
Les Gets, France

A great restaurant in Les Gets just opposite the lift pass office. Great menu for stocking up at lunchtime but it can get very Open 11am to 11,30pm daily throughout the season  

Le Boomerang

+33 4 50 37 76 12
2259 Route des Grande Alpes, 74260, Les Gets, France

Laid back Aussie Hotel/Bar/Restaurant/Internet Cafe and now with Chalet Boomerang. Great Aussie enclave in the middle of the alps. Perfect in summer and even better in winter.

Le Flambeau

Good choice for children

+33 4 50 79 80 66
210, place de la Mairie 74260 LES GETS

The Flambeau is a pleasant small restaurant with a nice ambience and is conveniently located in the central square, close to the ice rink. Weather permitting it is possible to eat outside, and the restaurant is open for lunches. Children welcome however there is limited internal space.

le Peau de Vache, Les Gets

+33 4 50 75 86 64
Rue de Centre, 74260 Les Gets

La Peau de Vache is the perfect Savoyard restaurant, highly recommended for those wanting to try out the local specialities. La Peau de Vache have a unique take on the pierrade (hot stone), the braserade: a barbeque, as oposed to a stone, where you cook your meat at your table.

Le Tourbillon

+33 4 50 79 70 34
563, rue du Centre 74260 LES GETS, France

The Tourbillon offers a good variety of Savoyard specialities, and a selection of meats and fish. The interior is attractively decorated in alpine style, without being over the top! The service is always prompt, however sometimes lacks the friendliness which is normally so common in Les Gets.

Le Tyrol

+33 4 50 79 70 55
Rue du Front de Neige 74260 LES GETS

The Tyrol is a charming chalet style restaurant with wood carvings throughout and cooking on an open fire. Many tables are hidden away in small alcoves, giving this relatively large restaurant an intimate feel. Known for its excellent pizzas and grills on the open fire.

Les Copeaux

+33 4 50 79 78 50
610, rue du Centre 74260 Les Gets, France

Les Copeaux is a charming, traditional style resaturant located in the main street of Les Gets.  Great for meat eaters, vegetarians may struggle. The restaurant is small so it is always recommended to book a table in advance. Open 10am - 11.30pm