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This resort is a paradise for beginners with free nursery lifts and mile after mile of gentle glacial terrain on which to build confidence. Intermediates will enjoy the Gours valley and can get up some speed on the wide open steep red of La Fee. Experts should try taking the Super Diable from the top of Tete Moute and hurtling down its steep face, followed swiftly by Les Vallons and Diable 2. There are many classic off-piste itineraries in the area, mostly below the glacier where there are fewer crevasses.

The ‘Grande Galaxie’ is a fairly recent marketing agreement between several resorts that aren’t linked, and if making use of your free day in any of the other resorts you will need to study the bus timetable carefully to work out the logistics. Intermediates should consider a day out to the tree-lined slopes of Serre Chevalier, whereas adrenaline junkies ought to head to the fearsome couloirs of La Grave.