Back to Laax/Flims

Laax is easy to get to with Zurich airport 150km away. If you’re driving it’ll take about 10 hours from Calais and for flight / train transfers through Chur there’s a regular bus service up to Laax. As there are so few tour operators offering Flims as a destination, the easiest way to visit is to make your own travel arrangements.

Flying to Laax

The best airports for access to Laax are Zurich and Basel. They are both Swiss airports and offer fast and easy onward connections by road or rail. Zurich is 153km away and Basel a bit further at 233km. Both are easily accessible by train or by road. Zurich is just an hour and a half away on a direct train route.

  • Zurich to Laax 153km, transfer time just over 1.5hrs
  • Basel to Laax 233km, transfer time just under 2.5hrs

Take the train to Laax

The fastest journey time from London to Chur, via Paris, takes 13 hours travelling overnight. You will arrive in Chur at 7.30am. It is easy enough to catch a bus to the resort and be there in time for a day on the slopes.

Driving to Laax

Laax is just under 1000km from Calais. The road journey from Calais to Laax should take around 10 hours. The journey will be fastest if you can avoid Friday evenings and peak travel times. You will need to ensure that you have the annual Vignette motorway ticket at a cost of 40 CHF. If you are hiring a car make sure you get one of these as they are not always provided. The final part of the road journey will seem very easy compared to most ski resorts with the resort being just 15 minutes off the A3 motorway. If your accommodation does not provide parking, there’s a multi-story car park near to the lift station in Laax and in Flims.

There’s handy travel info for LAAX on the tourist office website.