Hotel Telemark

+33 450 327121 / 33 450 32 71 21
41 Route du Plan du Saz, 73125 La Tania, France

This hotel in La Tania offers reasonably priced accommodation as well as flexible deals for ski weekends or mid-week breaks. The bistro and restaurant attached to this charming family-run hotel are popular with residents and non-residents. A great place for good value dining.

La Saucisse Savoyard


+33 4 79 08 07 95
Imm. Kalinka, 73120 La Tania, France

A stereotypical French delicatessen but with the added advantage of a good range of snack food They even offer a takeaway fondue for 9 euros per head (minimum 4) – sounds messy but don’t worry, the fondue set is provided rent-free for the night!

Le Farcon

+33 4 79 08 80 34
Immeuble Kalinka, 73120 La Tania, France

By far the most upmarket place to eat in La Tania. As you would expect of any restaurant with a Michelin star the prices aren’t low, but the chef has created an imaginative menu of things that shouldn’t go together but do! Garlic ice cream and Foie Gras with chocolate are not uncommon.    

Le Ski Lodge

Good choice for children

+33 4 79 08 81 49
73125 La Tania, France

The Ski Lodge is the heart and soul of the La Tania dining and après scene. Open from 10 am until 2am in the winter with meals served at lunchtime and again from 7pm onwards. Food is surprisingly good value for money and the menu for children is particularly good.

Les Chanterelles


+33 4 79 08 23 25
Immeuble Le Christiana, 73125 La Tania, France

An extension of the more expensive Restaurant La Ferme that offers very nice and reasonably priced crepes (both sweet and savoury). The speciality ‘Tarte Cripite’ has many supporters and can only really be described as a wafer thin pizza.

Les Marmottons

+33 4 79 08 81 63
73120 La Tania, France

A cosy place in a good central spot opposite the Ecole du Ski Francais that does all the usual Savoyard specialities. The big plus point here is the pizzas though. They are up there with the best of them! For anyone who likes Mussels this is a must with the ‘moules frites’ being popular with locals and tourists alike.

Snow Food


+33 4 79 08 48 99
73120 La Tania, France

Formerly known as the ‘Pit Stop’ this is a takeaway with a few tables on the terrace. Open lunchtime and evenings and offers a good range of low-cost snacks (by ski resort standards!). A decent sized pizza costs around 8 euros