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La Plagne is one of the easiest French resorts to get to by train. Its closest airport is Chambéry and  bus transfers service the resort from all the other nearby airports and stations.

Flying to La Plagne

Chambéry is the closest airport to La Plagne, but facilities are limited and it can get very crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Grenoble airport is also close and probably the best compromise for short transfers and it doesn’t get too crowded. Geneva airport has the best all round facilities and choice of flights. Lyon-St-Exupéry airport has most notorious crowds in the Alps and is often referred to as the cattle shed.

  • Chambery to La Plagne 103km, transfer time just over 1hr
  • Grenoble to La Plagne 167km, transfer time just under 2hrs
  • Geneva to La Plagne 185km, transfer time around 2hrs
  • Lyon to La Plagne 178km, transfer time just under 2hrs

Transfers to resort

Bus transfers are the most economical way to travel to resort from all of the airports. If possible, try to book your tickets well in advance – the buses can get very busy and some companies act on a reservation-only basis. Take a look through the transfers options below for a bus or private link to resort. Mid-week flights may be cheaper but make sure you investigate transfer options as they may be few and far between.

Taking the train to La Plagne

There are only a couple of direct trains from the UK a week – normally Fridays and Saturdays. Eurostar runs a direct train from London on these days that stop in Aime for La Plagne. The direct trains do not allow for boarding at Aime so it is necessary to go to Bourg-St-Maurice for the homebound journey. Services run from Paris every day and take just over four hours, so if you don’t mind criss-crossing central Paris to change stations you can travel by train any day of the week.