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Getting to Kitzbuhel couldn’t be easier with plenty of transport links and airlines to get you there. You can be at the resort in an hour and a half from neighbouring airports, making it a great destination for families and weekend breaks. Kitzbuhel is located close to three major cities, the closest of which is Salzburg, and there are regular transfers into the city from Salzburg International Airport. Innsbruck and Munich are also a short distance away at just 90km and 120km respectively. Numerous trains go from all three of these cities to Kitzbuhel. Normally, the cheaper the airline, the more complicated and expensive their baggage policy is. This can make carrying skis or snowboards to your destination costly if you are not.

  • Salzburg to Kitzbuhel 75km, transfer time just over 1hr
  • Innsbruck to Kitzbuhel 97km, transfer time just over 1hr
  • Munich to Kitzbuhel 165km, transfer time just under 2hrs

If you are on a package tour you will most likely fly to Salzburg, from where a coach transfer takes little over an hour. If you are organizing your own travel via Salzburg, Innsbruck or Munich, the transfer to Kitzbuhel by train is possible, but is not as straightford as it seems. Minibus transfers may be more expensive, but are much easier and faster, while renting a car for a larger group can be cost effective and offers the freedom to explore nearby resorts. If you rent a car ask for it to be fitted with winter tyres (it is mandatory at most airports in the area, so there may not be an extra charge). If you are driving on Austrian motorways you need to buy a Vignette which can be purchased from any petrol station. A 10 day Vignette costs about €8.