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Cauterets has a wide range of restaurants, most of which are based in the town centre, offering enough different cuisines to suit everybody’s tastes.  Set menus are popular and even in the more expensive restaurants you can always find a good value meal. The restaurants in the two main ski areas cater for most skiers’ lunches, and there are also several nearby restaurants in the mountains that are well worth a visit, even if they aren’t part of the ski area. Le Pont d’Espagne and Reine Hortense Hostelerie are our favourite restaurants for lunch on the mountain.


As Cauterets is mainly a family resort you will find that the après-ski is fairly low-key, with the town centre becoming lively but not raucous by the end of the afternoon.  The town has 2 nightclubs, but the people who generally choose Cauterets are more likely to enjoy cake in front of the fire at one of the various patisseries with tea rooms.