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Between the old and new towns of Bansko there are over a hundred places to eat. Most of these are traditional ‘Mehana’– taverns serving local dishes and a variety of alcoholic drinks. The most popular dish on the menu is Kapama, a mixture of meat and vegetables stewed in an earthware dish, and whilst it may not look great it will certainly fill you up after a day on the slopes. At lunchtime there are three main areas (Banderitsa, Shiligarnika and Platoto) with self-service and fast-food style cuisine, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of the Bansko pistes.

Apres-ski in Bansko is a mixed bag. Bars can be lively and a lot of fun, but don’t expect 21st century décor and chart music, except in the popular ‘Amnesia Club’. Most places offer great service in a cosy environment but you are more likely to find out of date décor and Bulgarian folk music. At these price though you really can’t complain!