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The proximity to Geneva is both a strength and weakness of the Chamonix valley. On one hand, the area is perfect for ski weekends and short breaks. Within an hour’s drive from the airport you could be on the slopes by lunchtime after an early morning flight. On the downside, the easy access can mean that in high season and at weekends, the traffic and capacity reaches fever pitch. Geneva is by far the easiest airport but the next biggest airports are Turin – reached through the Mont Blanc tunnel, or Lyon St Exupery. The SAT bus runs regular public services from Geneva. For the quickest and most hassle-free way of travelling to Argentiere, take a private transfer from a company such as Cham Express or Mountain drop-offs.

  • Geneva to Argentiere 85km, transfer time around 1 hr
  • Lyron to Argentiere 215km, transfer time around 2.75 hrs
  • Turin to Argentiere 172km, transfer time around 2.5hrs

The nearest TGV stop to Argentiere is in Annecy so although it is possible to get the train from the UK to Chamonix, the last bit can involve several changes unless you get a transfer. If arriving into Geneva by train be sure to allow plenty of time to cross the city as the trains to France leave from the old station at Eau Vive. Driving to the resort from the UK will take you about 12 hours once you reach Calais or Boulogne. The motorways are the quickest route but you will have to pay around €65 in toll charges each way. The upside of having a car in this valley is that you can drive to your ski area of choice instead of taking the often crowded buses.