Chemist/Pharmacy – Alpbach

Alpbach, Austria

Apotheke - This pharmacy/chemist should be able to help you with any minor ailments.  Hnr. 744, Alpbach.

Doctors – Alpbach

+43 5336 20044
Alpbach, Austria

Dr Bletzacher is available during the following hours, although be warned, they are subject to change so always check in advance. Opening Hours Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri 8am - noon and 3pm - 6pm Wed 9am - 12noon and 3pm - 6pm Sat, Sun 3pm - 5pm  

Hospitals – Alpbach

Alpbach, Austria

In case you have an accident on the slopes or need urgent medical attention, these are the numbers for the most local hospitals to Alpbach: Schwaz: +43 5242 6000 Kufstein: +43 5372 69660 Innsbruck: +43 512 5040