Congress Centre

+43 5336 600 100
Congress Centre Alpbach Hnr. 246, Alpbach, Austria

Congress Centrum Alpbach extends over 2200sqm and offers a unique combination of modern and traditional architectural elements. The complex blends with its natural surroundings was built with nature and the environment in mind. Centrepiece is the spiraled gallery made of glass walls. Internet access is available, providing there isn't a function/event being held at the centre - €1 for 15 minutes. For full information look at their website  

Mont-Blanc helicopters

+33 4 50 92 78 21
Chamonix, France

If you can't face a long transfer then dig deep and splash out on this ultimate transfer luxury.  They pickup from Geneva airport and take you to your resort.  As every flight is bespoke you have to contact them for details and prices and to see if they can get to your chosen resort.


+43 5336 5616
Gabriel Moser Alpenheim Hnr. 264, Alpbach, Austria

An easy and comfortable way to do a spot of sightseeing in the area. They have modern coaches, experienced guides and drivers to ensure a first-class travel and outing experience. Open 24 hours a day