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Alpbach is one of the prettiest alpine villages you are ever likely to see and it prides itself on offering its visitors a true taste of the Tyrol. This remote community was cut off until the building of the road in 1926 and so it has been easier to retain a distinct architectural style that encapsulates tourists, and to preserve the culture and traditions of previous generations. This is evident in the cuisine and you are unlikely to find a better venue to sample true mountain food with recipes handed down through the generations of this farming community. There are still 105 working farms in the Alpbach valley, the same number as a decade ago, and many of them supply the local restaurants with fresh local produce. The ‘eating out’ market is heavily dominated by the hotels and the annual ‘European Forum Alpbach’, which has been held here since 1945, has encouraged the growth of the hospitality sector to cope with the influx of scientists, artists, economists and politicians. If it is traditional fare and fine dining that you crave, you won’t be disappointed by Alpbach.

Fast food lovers will struggle though. Après ski is fairly limited as you would expect of such a small resort, but that is not to say that you can’t find a good late-afternoon beer swilling session that goes on late in to the night! The most lively places are in the centre of Alpbach itself so be sure to check the location of your accommodation as many lodgings are in the outlying hamlets, a bi-product of the ski area being detached from the village. On the mountain there are a few choices for lunch but it may be worth booking in advance during the peak season as it is a long way back on the ski bus to the village for lunch.