Getting ski fit IS achievable and will make a real difference to your ski holiday

We love skiing. You love skiing. Why is it then, when we wake up on day three of our holiday there is an overwhelming desire to crawl back under our lovely fluffy duvet? All too often, our (lack of) ski fitness and ‘day three legs’ syndrome take the edge off our enjoyment of the lovely white stuff and at worst, can also lead to injuries. And what’s most annoying is that it is all avoidable.

The good news is that help is at hand from the experts. The other good news is that whatever you manage to do will make a difference. Investing just 20 minutes a few times a week now will pay real dividends when you get on to the slopes. So, one step at a time, and over to you…


#GetMoreWinter this season with Slopercise

Slopercise is an exercise programme developed by Crystal Ski Holidays and David Lloyd Clubs specifically with snowsports in mind. Because the routines are inspired by elements of downhill, snowboarding, cross country skiing (and après-ski!) this is way better than just doing standard classes. The exercise programme has three levels ranging from ‘starting out’ to über fit. Start at the level that works best for you and work your way up.

Slopercise 'Speed Skater'

Slopercise ‘Speed Skater’

Exercises like ‘Mogul Ski Hop’, ‘Ski lift sideways shuffle’ and (our personal favourite) Après-Ski Stein Squat’ are designed to prepare your body for the demands of the slopes.  The intense workout will help you reducing injury risk and improve your endurance. The sessions focus on improving leg symmetry for balance and control, flexibility around the ankle and hip joints for fluid movement, mid-line stability for stronger landings and lower body power and endurance.

Classes are available in David Lloyds Clubs now or you can view the full three-step Slopercise exercise plan free via Crystal’s YouTube channel:

Step one:

Step two:

Step three:


Slopercise Après-Ski Stein Squat

Slopercise Après-Ski Stein Squat







‘Après-Ski Stein Squat’: This move is particularly relevant to those skiing or snowboarding in Austria; it will help build arm and leg strength essential for lifting and placing steins of beer at the end of a busy day on the slopes. Start with a light dumbbell held to your chest with elbows pointing down, lower your body into the squat position. Then extend your arms and then curl the weight back up into your chest before returning to the upright position. As well as helping with steins of beer this exercise builds muscles in your arms, shoulders and legs.