These boots were made for walking… as well as skiing

Decathlon’s Wed’ze Women’s WID500 All Mountain Ski Boots

This winter I was in desperate need of new boots. After 10 years in my ol’ faithfuls I’m not sure much of the original boot remained. I had replaced the toes and heels and even the inners several times but I simply couldn’t part with them. I had found the whole process of buying boots so complicated and expensive last time. But this December I finally got some new boots…from Decathlon.

I started the season skiing in a pair of Decathlon’s Wed’ze Women’s WID500 All Mountain Ski Boots (RRP £119). They looked and felt great. I didn’t expect to be able to ski happily with no aches and pains in off-the-shelf boots. But I could…

They were easy to put on thanks to the faux-fur lining that allows your foot to simply glide in. Mornings before had always been a nightmare as my previous boots were so tight I would almost pass out putting them on in the boiling hot chalet boot rooms. We had blizzard conditions in resort, which was not ideal but my feet were comfortable and warm and I was in control of my skis. 

Blizzard conditions, but still toasty and warm.

One of the added features on the WID500 ladies boot is the walk-mode. I’ve not had this on any of my boots before. It made a huge difference going up and down the tiny stairs which were clearly not intended for people with giant, ski-boot clad feet and made the Après ski more comfortable too.

And now for the technical bit. The WID500 ladies boot is best for those of us with a wider foot. The WID500 boot has a flex rating of 70 – A flex from 65 to 75 is ideal for intermediate skiers. 

Would I recommend these boots? Yes I would. If you are someone who skies a couple of times a year they are a good choice at a great price.

Jacket and back-pack from Decathlon

Whose coat’s that jacket?
It’s a Decathlon…

I love a new coat, my friends will tell you that. The Wed’ze 150 Women’s Downhill ski jacket is a basic jacket that ticked all the boxes for a long ski weekend.  When I say basic, it still had lift pass pockets, powder skirts and four good-sized pockets in sensible places. I chose to ski without the fur collar in the day as it was snowing, but bought it back for a bit of glamour in the evenings. At just £36.99 this jacket is perfect for someone who likes a bit of fast fashion with their skiing.

The back-to-front Backpack

The Reverse Defence 700 backpack has dedicated areas for all your off-piste kit, shovel and probe. It also has a built in back protector that can be worn separately too under your coat or base layer. It also has a hard-cased sunglasses/goggles pocket and the best part about this backpack is that you can swing it round to the front without taking it off when you need to sit on a chair lift. 

It is also able to carry skis or a board and suits both the female and male anatomy as all straps can be adjusted. 

Decathlon thermals on test

Putting our kit to test in the fresh snow

Until this year I have always been in Merino, and in my opinion you cant beat it, however it’s costly. For the same price as one merino wool top you can get a top and bottom from the Wed’ze 900 ski base layer range, or two sets from the Wed’ze 500 base layer range. 

We tested both the 500 series and the 900 series. The tops were ergonomically fitted and lovely and warm and ski base-layer bottoms are 3/4 length so that you don’t have that awkward sock-meets-thermals area when you are trying to put your ski boots on. The 500series has a 3-D structure to the inside of it which traps air to keep you warm and enables moisture to escape too. It also is cut nice and long so there are no gaps.

Bad weather day: Fiona puts her Decathlon thermals to the test whilst she waits for the lifts to open.

The 900 series feels thiner but is actually warmer again. On a couple of the extra cold days we popped both on at the same time and bingo, happy kids and grown-ups all day.

With so much choice it’s good to know that you don’t have to spend the earth to stay warm on the slopes.

Toasty toes

And as for the socks…. we threw out all of our old ski socks after testing the 500 and 900 range, that’s how much we loved them.


Well done Decathlon, you have given the ski market quality products, that do their job well and that don’t break the bank. Decathlon has invested time, money and energy getting its ski and board products up to spec and it’s paying off. If it’s good enough for Ski Sunday’s Graham Bell, it’s definitely good enough for us.