For the children

E is for Edges -Use them to control your speed. Pizza to go slower. Chips to go faster.

Olympic skier Libby Ludlow and illustrator/ski-instructor Nathan Y Jarvis, take you through the skiing alphabet in a way which is bound to get your little ones excited about their next trip to the slopes. A-B-Skis is crammed with fun things to spot and count as it’s educational and informative.
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Did you know that you can make a wish if the chairlift chair or gondola has the same number as your age on it?



For lego lovers

Child and adults love Lego. We spotted a fabulous Lego piste basher, as well as a Lego ski resort . But our favourite is for the bigger kids and dads. How about this Land Rover Defender – perfect for off-roading in the snow.



For snowy days

Build a snowman, again and again…

Made in the Alps this mummy-powered company makes eco-friendly, premium, high-quality products that encourage children away from screens. Their products are made in the mountains using local artists and are printed in Europe on recycled paper, from sustainable sources. loves the re-usable snowman decoration kit, the ski-themed pencil and the A-Z poster. 



For your host

What to get your host? Something simple you can pack and travel with, that won’t break. loves these ski-themed pencils from and this tasty tin of ski treats from


For your skin

Your skin takes a pounding at this time of the year as you go from hot to cold. Arbonne have developed a range of skin products that claim to keep your skin perfectly hydrated at this time of year. Their bio-hydria range absorbs quickly to soothe and moisturise skin. It’s vegan, cruelty free and gluten free – all good stuff.

For your eyes

Wipeout has been Europe’s leading supplier of Piste Maps on Lens Cloth and now they are making goggle covers. The Six-Nations always coincides with the ski season so if you know a skiing rugby fan then how about a Wipeout goggles cover?

Other countries are also available – click image to see them all.

For those that love to ski all day

Ski at your best from the start of the day to that last run. Maintaining endurance and energy is crucial to supporting peak physical performance whilst skiing. These pre and post-work out supplements from Arbonne can help you to maintain energy levels and support recovery.

Hydration is critical before, during and after skiing.

For the morning after the night before! has, over the years and in the name of science, tried several of these remedies. Second to abstinence, this one comes out on top. To get yourself back on the slopes pop a Fizz stick and a Phyosport Complete Hydration sachet into a large glass, and just add water. You’ll be ready to face the boot room in record time.

For the Christmas tree – Asda £3