I have a favourite pair of outdoor shoes… 

They are old, but they are the ones I turn to for walking the dog on the beach, and hikes along the coastal path. 

They are the ones I take away skiing with me because they are super-grippy and Gore-tex. They fit in my backpack whilst I ski and are always on hand for Apres.

But these shoes have definitely seen better days. 

I thought it was time for them to go to the shoe-locker in the sky. Thankfully not. A friend pointed out that the soles are still good and suggested I just got some new insoles to lift my foot back up.

So I did.

I got some from the £1 shop. They did the job, for a day or two then I was back at square one. But then I popped a pair of SUPERfeet carbon insoles into my beloved shoes. 

It was simple enough to do. I took out my old insoles. Drew around them to make a new template. Found my old sewing scissors, which are nice and sharp and hey presto, new 3-D insoles.

I have always had my ski boots fitted by an expert and they have footbeds in them to help me deliver power on request when I am skiing, but I’ve never had them in my day-to-day shoes, until now.

The biggest difference to regular insoles is that they support the arch of your foot. It takes a short while to get used to the insole but it stops your foot’s arch collapsing as you walk or exercise. Without you realising the insole helps to align your posture which in turn can provide benefits to people who have problems with their feet and ankles, knees, back or spine. It’s only when your feet go bad on you that you realise how important foot health is. Soft gel insoles and flimsy foam don’t hold their shape and can cause additional strain to be put on your body. As it says on the box “ Your feet are like the foundations of your house. If the support under the foundation isn’t firm, it can lead to trouble’. 

The SUPERfeet Carbon insole is made from a mix of EVOLyte carbon fibre and foam. It was easy to trim and suits athletic footwear.

I’m glad I have been able to bring my old faithful’s fully back to life again. In fact, dare I say, they offer more comfort and support than they ever did so the insoles were a worthwhile investment – and they are of course fully transferable to another pair of shoes as and when these do finally give up.

My faithful Salomon XA Pro shoes – now with SUPERfeet powers.


SUPERfeet Carbon Insoles retail at RRP £40.

There are many others available in the range that include:
Superfeet RUN Pain Relief – Designed specifically for running.
Superfeet Copper – Pressure-sensitive, memory foam layer that moulds to the contours of your foot -£45.