Step into ScanFeet

Developed in 2017 by Skiset the ScanFeet programme is capable of comparing a customer’s foot shape with the ski boots available in store.

A 3D scan is taken of your foot on arrival and then cross-matched to the in-store ski boot database to identify the best-suited models. It checks length, width, volume and foot arch.

This new software is especially useful for children who sometimes have difficulty expressing their needs!

Your scan can be saved onto the Skiset database so that each time you head to the slopes the Skiset shop will be able to find your perfect fit, whichever resort you choose to go to.

What is the purpose of this new technology?

Skiset concentrates on the client’s experience. The digitalisation of our expertise aims to improve customer service and increase customer loyalty. Our new software enables staff to choose the best ski boots available. The better you know your client, the better the service!” said Julien Gauthier, Network Development Manager for Skiset.


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