ISPO Munich is a huge sports fair where exhibitors and retailers meet to do deals. Products range from genius inventions to novelty stocking fillers. Here are Wendy’s picks.

Animal ski outfits for kids from WeeDo

WeeDo skiwear is designed for kids and parents. These animal outfits make skiing more fun for kids, and parents will love the practical features, such as adjustable arms and legs for growing limbs, hoods that fit over helmets, and waist zips for fast toilet stops. 

Kids stay warm, dry and happy thanks to the waterproof and breathable fabric. It’s made from recycled plastic in energy-efficient factories: WeeDo say that “ecological responsibility lies at the very heart of our enterprise.” Well, ecology and fun!

Z Lok sports lock from Hiplok

Initially created to lock bikes, a Z Lok works for skis too. This flat metal strip covered in plastic — like a giant cable tie but stronger (and reusable) — is compact enough to fit in any suitcase. It might also fit through your zipper pulls so you can lock your suitcase during travel. 

Z Locks can be linked together and provide basic security to deter opportunistic thieves — handy during après ski at a bar on the piste when you need your skis to get home.

Poilstrusse fluffy underwear from Picture organic clothing

Poilstrusse pants aren’t new in 2020, but they have proved so popular that Picture’s website has already sold out for this winter. They might still be available in some ski shops, and their prominent placement at ISPO suggests they’ll be back next year.

Made from recycled polyester, these fluffy pants affirm Picture’s ethos to recycle materials to fight climate change. They’ll also keep you toasty warm. Wear them with pride — and ventilation.

Shot ski boots from Apres Allstars

Après ski, après dinner or après breakfast (hey, it’s your holiday), these ski boot-shaped shot glasses are ridiculously appropriate for any snowy adventure. Fasten the tiny bindings to an old ski to fully embrace the Alpine spirit(s).

A set of two shot glasses with black or white bindings, screws and stickers will cost €34.90 on, available within the next few weeks. You’ll also be supporting a good cause: the business employs people with disabilities to assemble their products.

Safety airbag from Dainese

Dainese have adapted their motorbike racing airbag technology for ski racers. Their D-Air system has a t-shirt-like shell with a skeletal airbag (pictured) hidden inside. Sensors predict an impact right before it happens so air pouches can inflate to soften the blow.

Alas, the airbag is for professionals only, and the pouch must be replaced after inflation. It’s not ready for learner skiers just yet. Nervous beginners and aspiring racers might soon be wearing these airbags as frequently as skiers now wear helmets. Watch this space!

Other hits and flops

Foldable skis by Elan. Ski tourers who like climbing can fold their skis onto their backpacks so they can swing those ice picks wider. These might also be handy for avoiding sports luggage fees on flights.

Ski simulator by SkyTechSport. The latest in a long line of ski simulators, this one looks impressive with the big screen and sensor tech, but an hour at an indoor ski centre is probably still more beneficial.

Tiny skis by Stolt (and others). No, I’m not sure either, but the reps from Stolt swear these are more fun than skiing, with their custom shape for stability and easy clip system. Maybe I should have tried them on the ski simulator.

The Clark square snowboard by Yes. Delivered square, you can decorate the top sheet and break out the power tools to shape the snowboard. With no metal edges, this is purely a powder board — or a piece of artwork to hang.

Inflatable roof racks by Shred Rack. These roof racks for 2-6 pairs of skis or other equipment are suitable for most cars, including hire cars and convertibles. They’re lightweight, compact, and require no tools during installation and use.

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