There are a number of good reasons why people choose to drive to the Alps for their skiing holiday, particularly to France. With a few people in the car it can save you money and with airport check-in, baggage collection and transfers it can work out quicker, but for me, the key is flexibility. You travel at your own pace and bring what you like with you. Unload straight from the car to the elevator of your accommodation in well-designed villages like Arc 1950. Stock up on delicious French wine and produce on the way home!

The French motorways are quiet and easy to navigate. From Calais you feed straight into the system and are on your way within minutes of disembarking. Eurotunnel is super-efficient with just a 35 minute crossing time. A real bonus is the Flexiplus option which takes all the stress out of your crossing, allowing you to board any available train. With Flexiplus you also get priority boarding lanes and have free access to their VIP departure lounges. These include free sandwiches, drinks, newspapers and wifi! Specialist independent tour operator, Erna Low, offer Flexiplus with all their Eurotunnel le Shuttle crossings so you can travel in style.

Of course there are a few things that might put you off driving. The thought of possibly having to put snow chains on, paying for resort parking or spending too long listening to your partner’s terrible music collection. But when you travel, the journey can be as much fun as the destination and if you have time to stop on the way it can be even more memorable.

There are a few hints that regular self-drivers might offer such as don’t trust your Sat-Nav once you get near the mountains because some summer routes are impassable in winter and postal codes often cover a large area. With a small amount of preparation though, all you need do is switch on the cruise control and you’ll be there before you know it…