Mountain restaurant for Flims/Laax with a small outside terrace which has good views of the valley and is roofed over, great for protection when the weather is less than perfect. The restaurant is table service only and has daily specials. Reservations advisable, although if you’re willing to wait at the bar the staff will reserve a table when one becomes free.

Open 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Piste 10 runs past the restaurant just before a steep dip to cross a bridge. It’s not so easily visible until you’re almost on top of it. The restaurant is slightly above the lift station. Pedestrians access is at the Startgels cable car station from Grauberg. If you stand in front of the cable car, the restaurant entrance is visible up to the right.

MadDogSki FavouriteGood choice for children


+41 81 911 5848


Startgels Lift Station, 7017 Flims, Switzerland