Situated a few yards to the right of  the lower section of the Mont Blanc piste running down towards Arc 1600 lies a recently-added mountain restaurant that is well worth a visit. The first thing to note about the ‘Sanglier qui fume’ is the name! It means the smoking wild boar and once you see the place you won’t forget. There are reminders everywhere.

There is a hint of comedy and a convivial atmosphere led by the boss, Olivier, who makes regular rounds to ensure  the clients are enjoying themselves. Quotes on the menu include Oscar Wilde’s “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it” and “Chocolate is our enemy but to flee when faced with the enemy is weak!” (I don’t think that one was Wilde!)

As you might guess from the name, the menu is fairly meat oriented, but there are other options such as salads, fish, tartiflette and risotto. I had a ‘brochette’ with duck and vegetables accompanied by salad and chips and the obligatory cut of wild boar. Quite reasonably priced at 18 euros – a very tender and juicy option for all those meat lovers out there. Interestingly the sanglier is not that local, although it is all French, often coming from the Picardie region. There is also a kids menu for the under 10s.

The décor is very fun and there are various musical instruments on hand. Although there are no regular performances, they do sometimes have live music and I get the impression that if you had the skills you would be very welcome to share them!

The hot chocolate was served in a giant jar-style glass and was excellent to warm up after some laps of the trees just above in fresh snow. Meanwhile our gloves were drying out nicely over the toasty wood burner.

You can always tell the quality of a restaurant in a tourist area by how many locals frequent it. The pictures speak for themselves…

The restaurant opens in the summer as well,  and even into September and October this year to help feed the hungry builders working on a new Club Med development nearby. The popularity of this place is sure to grow as its reputation spreads.


+39 0603 304142


Arc 1600