If you fancy doing some sightseeing on two legs then a guide can make sure your see the best bits of the local area. Each tour can be customised to your own needs or you can tag along on an existing tour. Great if you are travelling alone or in a big group. Travel to and from the area of your walk is provided and refreshments or restaurant stops can also be included.

Just send them an email with your dates and requirements and they will prepare a package for you. Great value if you are in a group. The knowledge of the guides is second to none and they are happy to share their knowledge, experiences and recommendations.

Here are a couple of suggested tours they do:

Snowshoe/IceWalk on the Bow Valley Corridor / Johnston Canyon

Combine a snowshoeing tour with our popular winter IceWalk into Johnston Canyon.  Make maple taffy in the snow as a uniquely Canadian experience and see frozen waterfalls at Johnston Canyon.

Discover Lake Louise

Enjoy a later start to our afternoon sightseeing tour of Lake Louise,  and add on a dinner at one of Lake Louise's featured restaurants.  Enjoy a bottle of wine and leave the driving back to Banff to us.



Banff, Canada