This charming, rickety mountain restaurant in Les Houches, is nestled in the forest just off the Aillouds run; a short but windy traverse opens up a clearing under the Maison Neuve chairlift where the restaurant is perched. The valley’s best vin chaud is served here. Suppers are particularly special; with the lift closed, you’ll have to crampon, ski or snowshoe for half an hour to get to the restaurant. It’s well worth it and fondue doesn’t seem quite so extravagant after the exercise. Reservations essential for both lunch and supper.

Lifts: Maison Neuve chairlift, Prarion gondola. Pedestrian: evenings only.


MadDogSki Favourite


+33 6 84 42 37 00


Les Vielles, Les Houches, 74400 Chamonix