Le Savoy is a long-standing favourite restaurant on the corner of the pistes in Arc 2000. Open for lunch and dinner, and even breakfast, it’s right next to the top of the Cabriolet gondola which links to Arc 1950 making it an easy excursion for 1950 guests in the know. The Cabriolet runs until 11:30pm with a short break between 9and 9:30 pm so keep that in mind if you are making a reservation.

Le Savoy restaurant, Les Arcs

Serving a brasserie style menu at midday, they specialise in more traditional savoyarde fare and quality meat and fish dishes in the evening. Despite a more ‘gourmet’ or even ‘upmarket’ feel than some other restaurants in 2000, they are a family-friendly option with a kids menu to reinforce this.

Sitting on their sunny outside deck at lunchtime, a typical ‘plat du jour’ would be something like pork, duck or steak for 16.50 euros.

There is regular live music on Thursday evenings and an extensive wine list, although I am not a connoisseur so I’ll have to let their very capable staff advise you on what to choose.

When I last ate there I had a Magret de Canard at 24 euros. Succulent duck with a side of Dauphinoise potatoes and a lovely bit of toasted bread flavoured with maple syrup. It was a good-sized portion compared to the mains at some restaurants where you feel you have to gorge on the bread to make sure you feel sated.

Le Savoy restaurant, Les Arcs

That said, there was just enough room for dessert – and what a dessert it was! The café gourmand was like four options rolled into one, each produced with the finesse expected of a fine French restaurant.

The Savoy is owned and run by the same family as another firm favourite – the Chalets de l’Arc. It’s just a little higher up the pistes above Arc 2000 and Arc 1950 set inside an old bergerie. I won’t tell you any more as that deserves a review in its own right. Bon appétit!

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