First Luggage is a unique service that promises a door to door delivery service of your luggage and skis. Basically your luggage is collected from your home (or anywhere in the UK) and will arrive at your hotel/chalet destination before you do.  No more check in hassle at the airport, easy boarding with just your handbag/hand luggage.  Great for weekends or large parties where you usually end up waiting ages for the last suitcase to come off the carousel!

However, this service does not come cheap – Ski boots – £49, Skis £69 and a suitcase upto 30kg £85. They do however offer credit in the event that your luggage does arrive later than stated.

There are some restrictions for destinations and collections as well as limited guarantee for countries with Custom formatlies.  Check their website for more information and to get a quote, and check that they will go to your destination.

Some airlines have special offers for this service when you book with them.

Good choice for children


0800 0835503


First Luggage Ltd, Cedar House, Vine Lane, Hillingdon, UB10 0BX United Kingdom