If you’re interested in the history of ski resorts before all the tourists arrived for the snow, transforming the villages and the local economies, then we’d really recommend a visit to the Farm Inn Paratoni. And if you’re more interested in local, authentic cuisine, we’d really recommend a visit to the Farm Inn Paratoni. The farmhouse dates back to 1232, one of the oldest surviving examples in the valley. Gemma Paratoni and her husband have transformed this family home into an inn and opened their doors to share an insight into local life in the valley in days gone by.

Gemma creates a daily menu using local ingredients and offering food you probably haven’t tried anywhere else: we tried deep fried nettle leaves, cheese crispbreads, wild spinach, dandelion and nettle breads and, piėce de résistance, dark chocolate dipped mint leaves.

Make sure you try the home-made grappas flavoured with pine, yarrow, camomile…

And do book in advance as the inn seats just 28 (cosy style) and Gemma prepares the menu based on guests booked in. The Farm Inn Paratoni is open Fridays and Saturdays evenings only.

All images courtesy of valgardena.it


+39 333 5443668


Str. Insom 17 39047 S. Cristina - Val Gardena - South Tyrol