Geneva from: Manchester, Luton, Gatwick, Belfast, Bristol and Edinburgh.
Grenoble from: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Stansted, London Gatwick, Luton, and Liverpool
Munich from: Gatwick, Manchester, Luton and Edinburgh
Basel from: Edinburgh, London Gatwick, Manchester and London Luton
Innsbruck from: London Gatwick and Luton
Salzburg from: Liverpool, London Gatwick, Bristol and London Luton.                                                                                          Zurich from: London Gatwick & Luton

You can take one item of hand luggage on board regardless of weight as long as it is the right size. To take your sport luggage you will need to check it in online and pay at the time of booking. Please check the site for baggage allowances at the time of booking to ensure you don’t fall foul of any new regulations!


Good choice for children


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