A lot of people are opting to take a more leisurely form of travel to ski resorts in France – the train… well now you can carry onto Austria with an overnight trip on the City Night Line to Woergl.

You take the Eurostar to Paris-Nord and then transfer to Paris-Est and take the City Night Line. The transfer between stations is either a 10 minute walk or a seven minute taxi ride (approximately €15 for four). If you are travelling with children (under 15) they will only be charged €20 each way on the City Night Line. With all departures on Friday evening from St Pancreas, London you arrive in resort early Saturday morning, so can be on the slopes by lunchtime!  Coming home you don’t leave until late Saturday evening so, again, you get to ski on the slopes when it is traditionally very quiet, being changeover day in most resorts – bliss…

Although it is without question a long time on the train, you can make it a part of your holiday, and generally way more comfortable than cramming into an airline seat. There are 6 or 4 berth compartments with room for all your luggage and a clean bed to sleep in, or you can go for the budget option and sit up all the way,  not recommended if you want to take full advantage of that first day on the slopes! You can also feel rather good about yourself because your carbon footprint is much less travelling by train, for more information about this topic look at Snowcarbon for other helpful tips.

You can book direct with City Night Line, or as part of a package deal with either Snowcarbon or Skiline.

These are the journey details:

Outbound (Fridays):
Depart              London St. Pancras       15.31    Eurostar
Arrive                Paris-Nord                     18.47    (change stations)
Depart              Paris-Est                         20.20    City Night Line
Arrive                Woergl                            09.41
Inbound (Saturdays):
Depart               Woergl                          20.48  City Night Line
Arrive                Paris-Est                       09.23  (change stations)
Depart              Paris-Nord                    11.13  Eurostar
Arrive                London St. Pancras*    12.28
Then take a taxi:
Woergl to Alpbach        (30 mins)

Good choice for children


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