Very cool mountain cafe in Laax that has naturally become a magnet for young and trendy snowboarders, due in no small part to its view across to the snow park. It’s very small inside and when the weather isn’t so good it gets uncomfortably crowded. However when the weather is fine and the terrace is in use the views are great and the atmosphere is chilled out and laid back to match the music. Prices are good, a small selection of snacks are available such as hot dogs, sandwiches and vegetarian ciabatta. The NoName Cafe also serves local Flims beer.

To find the cafe head towards the snow park and the chair lift from Falera/Curnius, you’ll spot the piles of boards next to what looks like a viewing platform which is actually the roof of the cafe.



+41 81 927 73 44


Cafe No Name, Crap Sogn Gion, 7032 Laax, Switzerland