This tucked-away climbers’ refuge in Verbier is surprisingly popular, considering its location and the fact that the pretty view is rather spoiled by the lifts. Most of the seating is outside this mountain restaurant, but on cold days you can defrost in the small seating area inside.

Order food from the hatch outside, or the bar inside, but be prepared to queue. The selection of sandwiches, cookies and divine brownies makes it an ideal place for a hot drink and a quick snack.  Alternatively there are classic refuge meals such as pasta and roast meat available. The choice for vegetarians is limited.

You can also book a room for around 100chf a night, be sure to book in advance before you carry your pj’s up there. There is a website with more information, unfortunately not in English.

Lift: La Chaux 4 Jumbo, then down the (red) Gentianes to la Chaux. Pedestrian: no access.

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Cabane Mont-Fort, Verbier, Switzerland