This hotel and restaurant at Kleine Scheidegg is a popular choice as it sits next to the main mountain railway station, with a nice sunny terrace overlooking the ski runs. It has a bit of a walk up to it so is generally not as busy as the other restaurants around.

The Hotels’ claim to fame is that it was featured in the Clint Eastwood film ‘The Eiger Sanction’. The hotel is one of the last ‘traditional’ hotels with wonderfully individual rooms with elegant bathrooms ensuite. The history is everywhere in this hotel.

The food is good quality, with offerings of simple soups to fondues and steaks.

If you are planning on staying here you can only access the hotel via the railway station, the area is a car free zone.



+41 33 855 12 12


Bellevue des Alpes, Kleine Scheidegg, Wengen, Switzerland