Six weeks of pre-ski training for just £39.99. Yoga Tonic is a new holistic approach to ski fitness. It takes you through 6 weeks of training and is suitable for both skiers and boarders and you don’t need any past experience to follow it. To start your journey to the mountain and to ski fitness, stream the SkiFit programme from Yoga Tonic. readers can save 10% on the price, usually £39.99 use the code MDS10 at checkout.

Here’s a little taster of how yoga can help you get ready for the mountains:


  1. Pre Holiday: Chair Pose Ukkatsana; Strengthens quads, glutes and calves
  2. Pre Holiday: Half moon pose Ardha Chandrasana; Strengthens standing leg and ankle, whilst engaging abdomen and glutes
  3. Pre Holiday: Twisted High Lunge Parivrtta Anjaneyasana;  Quad, hamstrings and core are strengthened as a stable balance is maintained.
  4. Before (and post) skiing: Downward dog Adho mukha svanasana; Arms and legs are strengthened as weight is distributed equally through palms and heels.
  5. Before skiing: Dancer pose Natarajasana; Standing leg and ankle are strengthened, whilst also focusing on balance.
  6. Post skiing: Spinal twist Jathara Parivartasana; Enables a spinal twist after a day’s skiing when you may want a gentle stretch.

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