We’ve just discovered the Axiski – a new approach to sledging which works not just on snow but also on frosty grass and sand as well. You can use it on your own or go tandem with your little one. You can use it standing up or sitting down. In short, it’s pretty versatile. And it comes in five colours. And they make fabulous Christmas presents.


We met Axiski founder Darren Mather recently and asked him to tell us more about their story.

Darren started the business in 2010 (you’ll remember we had a LOT of snow in the UK that winter). Sleds were sold out everywhere and necessity breeding invention, Darren decided to make his own out of laminate flooring. And it was a hit not just with Darren’s kids, but with everyone who saw them standing up on their board and whooshing down the slopes. And thus was born the prototype of today’s lovely shiny Axiski ski-boards. It hasn’t been an easy journey: nearly two years of research before they were able to commission the build and launch in 2013. The positive response at launch spurred the team on to continue developing their baby. And here we are 20 prototypes later.

Darren explains, “We are a small young company, with a product which is fun and exciting and above all, makes people happy. We created a product that we would like to use ourselves and in doing so, have not compromised on anything along the way, aside from perhaps our own sanity. Our mission is ‘adventure and excitement while disrupting the sledging world’. We wanted to ‘blow up’ the barriers and limitations of normal sledges and we decided it was time to mix things up.”

And that’s just what they have done. Watch the video for an insight into how much fun these can be not just on deep snow and slush but also on frosty grass and sand.

Just 5mm thick, the Axiski doesn’t have traditional sledge “runners” so there is nothing to dig into the ground and make it stop. Its inverted runners provide both rigidity and an element of steerage. The ride remains smooth by simply pulling up on the handle and lifting the front over obstacles, lumps or bumps.