Arnie Wilson wandered through Fleet Street and Television, including ITN, Thames, Anglia, LWT News and Southern Television/TVS where he was an on-screen reporter for 10 years. Then skiing took over his life in the mid 80s when, completely unexpectedly, he became the Financial Times ski correspondent for the next 15 years. This included his great adventure - skiing every day for the whole of 1994, in 240 resorts in 13 countries, and into the Guinness Book of Records. Since then he's completed a 30-year project to ski in all 38 "skiing states" in the USA. He's had five ski books published, and edited the Ski Club of Great Britain's magazine Ski+board for almost 13 years until 2014 and we're delighted to have him blog for

The Ultimate Ski Book

‘Tome’ – noun. A book, especially a large, heavy, scholarly one. Arnie Wilson reviews the fabulously weighty ski tome from Gabriella Le Breton.

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Poppy Goes Wild

In his mountain walks around the Portes du Soleil resort of Les Gets, Nick Powell has identified over 50 wild flowers, reminding him of growing up as a child when wild flowers were abundant in the meadows he played in…

Ski Blog

Farewell Rob

Tragically Rob Freeman passed away in March. Rob generously contributed to MadDogSki’s #skiblogs season after season sending in his features and articles from all over the skiing world. Arnie Wilson pays tribute to him…

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