This delightful prize-winning, quintessentially traditional Austrian village, complete with onion-domed church, narrow streets and little traffic, is quite the nicest of places in which to stay during a skiing holiday. Every ski village, of course, likes to make the most of its more attractive aspects, but Alpbach doesn’t really need to – just about the whole village is pretty. And its skiing doesn’t disappoint, either. In fact it may well exceed your expectations.Austrian Alps snow shoeing tour

Just because Alpbach is such a picturesque little place, a few people (usually those who haven’t tried the slopes) might think the skiing is on the mellow side.  But make no mistake – for those searching for excitement, there are serious challenges here too. Trust me!

Alpbach’s slopes are under-rated, both in variety and genuine steepness. For many years (way back) the British Army – no slouches on skis – held their championships here. But of course there is mellow skiing here, all right, in abundance – perfect for families. 

Just about everywhere you go on the mountain you’ll encounter plenty of easy options, with long cruising red and blue runs. Much of the skiing is below the tree level, which adds a mellow quality and some extra variety to the slopes.Alpbach off piste

Alpbach is particularly dedicated to families. Local ski schools provide a variety of fun and activities, and encouraging ‘playful learning’ to teach skiing techniques, both for beginners and the more advanced. English-speaking instructors teach beginners aged for four to six.

There’s a ski-kindergarten for the very young.  Snowmobile and tobogganing outings can be organised too. Or the children might just like to take things easy and build a snowman. Romantic sleigh rides for all the family can also be arranged.

The Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau offers a variety of fun things to do and places to be. The “Zwergenkinderland“, family parks, piste-basher co-pilot rides or night skiing all contribute to a great skiing holiday!

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