This is a children’s book written by Nathan Jarvis, a certified children’s specialist ski instructor and snowboard trainer and an award-winning artist. 

Silly Nathan’s Kid’s Activity and Coloring Book combines “Awesome Activities, Coloring (US Spelling) Fun, and Pro Tips to Help Kids have Safe and Successful Best-Ever Days on Snow!”

Plus, the fact that the book is backed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) – the world’s largest organization dedicated to teaching people how to ski and snowboard – means parents can feel happy about their children’s learning process.

Hopefully this will also reassure the parents of young UK and other European English-speaking children that it’s a good buy! And I must say that having skied in all 38 US states which have ski areas, I find safety on the slopes of America considerably better than in the Alps.

One of Nathan’s many clever touches is to link some of the illustrations with the difficulty-rating of American slopes. Thus, one cartoon depicting a young skier with a rabbit sitting on his helmet is rated green (as in a green run) while two young children trying to decipher messages on the walls of a snow-cave is rated “blue” as in a blue piste. Another illustration asking children to find 23 differences between two snowboarding cartoons is rated black, as in a black-diamond (difficult) run.        

Although I never skied as a child (apart from a school trip to Hospental) but my gut feeling is that this book – and others he has written and illustrated – could genuinely make a difference for youngsters learning to ski. By making it huge fun as well as educational!

Some children find the process of learning quite tough, but I honestly feel that armed with this book, borderline cases will be so enchanted by all the associated fun and games that even if learning to ski is not always easy, they’ll be raring to go!   

The richly illustrated book includes colouring pages, mazes, connect the dots, hidden pictures (“can you find a window, cat, dog, hot dog, watermelon, lion, number 4, bowling ball, mouse, fish, shoe, lollipop, domino and bird?”), riddles, secret codes, crossword puzzles, jokes, (what do you call a snow alligator in a vest? A snow investigator!  How do you know that a snowman was in your house? You find a carrot next to the fireplace!)”

Says Jarvis: “Kids get the inside scoop on snowsports culture while having fun colouring the pages and building great memories of learning to ski or snowboard – and throughout their journey toward becoming enthusiastic lifelong sliders.”

Among the many tips for young children:

  • Use sunscreen – regardless of the weather, as UV light intensifies with altitude. 
  • Carry contact phone numbers and have a meeting-up plan in case someone goes on an unscheduled adventure
  • Have lots of patience and even more smiles
  • Ski or ride only where you feel confident and in control – Too steep + too soon =  fear, “unlearning “and unsafe circumstances.
  • Going fast is fun. Being able to go slow and stop are fun, and important too.
  1. Always be able to turn or stop.
  2. Stay far away from people in front of and next to you.
  3. Stop on side of the run where others can see you. Wherever trails meet, look uphill. Let others go first.

Nathan Jarvis

Young apprentice skiers will thrive on this book and learn the joys of skiing while having an awful lot of fun! 

Nathan has also written an A-Z for kids and that featured in our Christmas ideas list last season. Click here for more information.